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What is a disposable virus sampling tube?
  • What is a disposable virus sampling tube?

  • Posted on 2023-02-14
  • The disposable virus sampling tube is a virus sampling kit, which consists of a storage tube (with virus sample storage solution), a sampling cotton swab and a biosafety bag. Disposable virus sampling...
How to properly collect and preserve oral samples with sampling swabs?
What is the disposable virus sampling tube? how to use? Lets find out
Sampling swabs are non-toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence
What is a sampling swab?
  • What is a sampling swab?

  • Posted on 2022-11-14
  • Sampling swab, also known as cervical sampling test, flocking cotton swab, is composed of nylon short fiber fluff head and medical grade ABS plastic rod. The capillary movement between fibers forms a ...
What should I pay attention to when collecting throat swabs?
Sampling swab operation process
  • Sampling swab operation process

  • Posted on 2022-10-08
  • Step 1: Hold the handle and gently insert the sampling swab into the mouth or nose. Step 2: Gently rotate the sampling swab 3-5 turns, then slowly remove it. Step 3: Put the extracted sample into the ...
Clinical Significance of Throat Swab / Throat Sampling Swab
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