Sampling swabs are non-toxic and harmless and can be used with confidence

Posted on 2022-11-18

According to rumors, the cotton swabs used for nucleic acid detection and antigen detection sampling mainly include nasal swabs and throat swabs. The throat swabs are generally 15 cm long, and the nasal swabs are 6-8 cm long. Antigen detection kit manufacturers, Mohe Tang Rong, the person in charge of Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced that the "cotton swabs" that you see for sampling are not the same as the absorbent cotton swabs we use every day. They should not be called "cotton swabs" but "sampling swabs". Constructed of nylon short fiber fluff head and medical grade ABS plastic rod.

Sampling swabs are flocked with spray and electrostatic charge, allowing millions of nylon microfibers to attach vertically and evenly to the shank end.

The flocking process does not produce toxic substances. The flocking method allows the nylon fiber bundles to form capillaries, which is conducive to the absorption of liquid samples by strong hydraulic pressure. Compared with traditional wound fiber swabs, flocked swabs can keep the microbial sample on the surface of the fiber, quickly elute >95% of the original sample, and easily improve the sensitivity of the detection.

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